adamdahmer3President – Adam Dahmer

About Adam: 

Born in the wilds of Kentucky in the antient days when it was a sovereign and independent kingdom, he was exiled by his people for his over-enthusiastic love of nature – particularly antlered ungulates.  He fled with a merry band of pirates to Scotland, where he was called by the Old Ones to study Gaelic and practice Celtic neopaganism. By the performance of various arcane rituals, and with the patronage of the Eldritch Spirits Scott Gardiner and St. Guinefort, he was elected Supreme Leader of the Folksoc. Soon comes the day, he reminds us, soon comes the day…until then, we must proceed forward, never backward; upward, never downward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling toward victory!





joanVice President – Joan Casamitjana






Secretary – Daniel Quayle








EUFolkSocTreasurer – Tom Shirtliff





rachaelbowes Ceilidh Band (Bookings Coordinator) – Rachael Bowes

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paulsinclairCeilidh Band (Practice Coordinator) – Paul Sinclair