Ceilidh Band

The band playing at the Edinburgh University Student Awards 2019

Edinburgh University Folk and Traditional Music Society runs a professional ceilidh band that is available for bookings. The money from the band provides an income for students and also supports the society, helping us promote traditional music at the university.

As well as a lively Ceilidh band we can provide dance calling and a P.A. system.

The prices (VAT included) currently stand at:

  • £400 for a three person ceilidh band
  • £520 for a four person ceilidh band
  • £60 for charity events, and an additional £20 to cover the band’s travel expenses
  • £50 for P.A. hire (if applicable – see below)
  • Early soundcheck fee (if applicable – see below)

Early soundcheck fees:

  • Soundcheck more than 1.5 – 2.5 hrs before event starts – £20 per musician
  • Soundcheck more than 2.5 – 3.5 hrs before event starts – £30 per musician

These apply to the Edinburgh area only.  If your event is outside the Edinburgh area, unfortunately we won’t be able to play for your event. We may also charge travel expenses when necessary.

Booking Form (standard) Booking Form (charity)


If you have any questions not covered in this FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact the band managers at band@eufolksoc.org.uk.

Are our charges flexible?

Unfortunately to keep things simple our charges are fixed.  We cannot offer discounts and the prices are the same for shorter events.

What counts as a charity event?

Any event where 100% of the profits goes to a registered charity. Unfortunately we have to charge full price for split ceilidhs where some of the profits don’t go to charity.

As we have lots of interest in our charity pricing, we have to prioritise events where either the event wouldn’t be able to go ahead without a charity gig, or where the fundraising would be significantly effected by paying the full amount. Because of this, we ask for more specific event details in the charity ceilidh booking form. For any queries, please send us an email at band@eufolksoc.org.uk.

Can you call the dances?

Yes! Someone in the band will be able to call the dances for you.  There is no extra charge for this.

How long do we play for?

We will play for any length of time up to 3 hours.

How late can we play?

We have a fixed curfew of 11pm for the ceilidh to finish.

What is a PA system?

The PA system (Public Address System) is the microphones, amplifiers and speakers which we use to amplify the band so every instrument can be heard.

Do I need a PA system?

Yes.  Due to the makeup of our bands you will need to have a PA system suitable for a band for your event.  You can hire ours for £50, or if you’d prefer to use one provided by your venue, please check with them (and us) whether it will be suitable for a ceilidh band.

How long do we need to set up?

It usually takes us about an hour to set up and soundcheck. This is normally done in the hour before the event starts. Remember that our soundcheck will be noisy! Please note that if you’d like us to start the soundcheck more than an hour and a half before the ceilidh starts, we charge an extra fee (see above).

How early can soundcheck start?

Ideally, the soundcheck happens in the hour before the ceilidh starts; if this is not possible then we may need to apply early soundcheck fees (see above for pricing). We will not be able to start the soundcheck more than 3.5hrs before the ceilidh starts.

Why do we charge an early soundcheck fee?

As our musicians are students, they have limited availability and other commitments during the day – the fee compensates them for the time taken out of their day.

Do you play at weddings?

We do not play at weddings, but we are happy to provide you with a list of bands which we recommend, many of which contain current/former members of FolkSoc. Get in touch at band@eufolksoc.org.uk if you would like this list.