Welcome to EU FolkSoc

Welcome to Edinburgh University Folk Society

Get involved with some of the great things we have going on during the week:

Ceilidh Band Practice – Monday 8-10pm
FolkSoc has its own ceilidh band, and you can join, and get PAID GIGS!! On one condition: you come to ceilidh band practice, to learn our sets. You could also learn to call the dances, which will get you more gigs.
Location: Munro Room, Pleasance

Tune Teaching – Tuesday 8-9pm
Every week before our session we have tune teaching where one of our members will teach a tune by ear to the group. So if you feel you need a new tune in your life or don’t know any yet, come along and learn some of our favourites!
Location: Munro Room, Pleasance

Session – Tuesday 9-11pm
Once 9pm hits we start our main session where we all play tunes, sing songs and generally have good craic. You could lead a set, join in or just listen if you fancy.
Location: Cabaret Bar, Pleasance

Song Group – 8:30-10:30pm
Would you like to learn some “songs” and “sing” them in a “group”? Then by all means, come along to “Song Group”!
Location: Munro Room, Pleasance


If you’re interested in joining our ceilidh band, make sure to head to the ceilidh band practice sessions on Monday! Once you’ve learnt some the sets, you can start joining in at charity gigs. The sheet music and recordings of all the sets are on the Ceilidh Band Backstage Facebook page, which you can join here if you’re a Folksoc member.

At these gigs, there will be 3 mic’d up ceilidh band members, and anyone wanting to join the band can play along with the sets, unamplified. When you’re confidant with all the ceilidh band sets, you can start getting allocated to gigs as a fully fledged band member! All the upcoming gigs are on a google sheet on the Ceilidh Band Backstage page.

We will also be running some calling and PA set-up workshops on some of the Monday ceilidh band sessions – being able to set up the PA is really important for all band members, and learning how to call will help you book more gigs!

If you have any further questions, feel free to message us on Facebook, or send us an email at band@eufolksoc.org.uk.

You can also subscribe to our Newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with what’s happening in FolkSoc.

Membership is £3 and is payable to the treasurer at a Tuesday session or via the EUSA website.

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