Brussels/Berlin 2023

Friday 28th July 2023: ZYR-STP-KGX-EDB-AUR

My alarm awakened me with a “start” at 7.00am. I showered before taking Metro line 2 to Brussels-South railway station.

I had coffee and a cinnamon danish before checking in. I passed without incident through French and UK border control and the “Eurostar” security check.

The train left at 9.51am and arrived at 10.43am at London St. Pancras. I transferred on foot to King’s Cross and had a bacon roll and a coffee. My Edinburgh train boarded at platform 3 and left on time at 12.18am. This was a “Lumo” service with stops only at Stevenage, Newcastle, and Morpeth before arriving in Edinburgh at 4.41pm. On the train I read some more of my book “Christopher and His Kind” and listened to the “Tunnel 29” BBC podcast.

The train arrived on time and I caught the 5.00pm Scotrail service back to Aberdour.

I laid down my hat.


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